TFC Tots

Tfc Tots

The TFC Tots program is designed to introduce your child to soccer in a fun and exciting format.

We will not form teams, but we will group players by age and gender to provide an environment that is appropriate for each participant. On training nights we will have fun activities that get players touches on the soccer ball and excited to play. At the end of each session we will break out into a scrimmage so players can experience the game format.

Each group will be assigned a coach/coaches that work with them each night. Our aim is to allow kids an opportunity to experience soccer and get them ready to play for the next seasonal year. Players eligible for this program would be age eligible to register for recreational soccer next year (see details below).

  • Registration period

    January 1 2024-January 19, 2024

  • Ages

    Children born between August 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020

  • Skills Developed

    Introductory soccer training and games

  • Location & Time

    Monday nights, 6pm-7pm at BankPlus Sportsplex, Havoline Xpress Field

    Season runs early March-Mid-April

  • Cost

    $50 (includes t-shirt)

  • Contact

    Sports Director of Soccer, Laura Kramer

Frequently Asked Questions

Players born between August 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020 are eligible for this program. 

We play on 6 Monday nights in the spring. Starting in March and ending in Mid-April. 

Games are played at the beautiful BankPlus Sportsplex. The best address is 655 Rutherford Rd, Tupelo, MS 38801

All sessions will be on Sweet Peppers Deli Field. 

For this program, all registrants will receive a t shirt to wear each night. This makes breaking into teams for the scrimmage much easier. 

This program will be the first time many of these little ones have played an organized sport. Players should wear their t shirt each night as well as athletic shorts/pants. If you don't have cleats or shin guards, that is fine. If you do, feel free to wear them. Outside of that, we would like for all players to bring their own size 3 soccer ball. Most activities will require each child to have a ball. 

We'll start in March and run through mid-April. 

This is common and often gets better night after night. We encourage parents to come out and join in the activities with your child. Sometimes that gives them just the boost they need to get started and comfortable out there on their own. 

We understand soccer isn't for everyone, but encourage parents to give it another shot later. Sometimes a year of development or maturity changes interest amongst players. Sometimes players are uninterested at the first practice but LOVE it by the end of the season. Don't give up on it if they're not super engaged initially. 

We are always looking for parents interested in coaching their child's recreational soccer team. To start, when you register for recreational soccer next year, make sure you sign up to coach. If you're looking for content or coaching material, feel free to reach out. Tupelo Futbol Club has full time staff that are here to develop coaches and players. We want to give you all the tools to succeed!